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Medium : Acrylic on canvas
Size : A2 - 45.72 x 60.69 cm
Year 2020

Unique piece

Make an offer : nomaza@undiscovered-canvas.com

Ships in Tube
Please let me know if you need it " ready to hang" ( stretched)

In Celebration of The Mother (2020) is a catalogue by Lesego Seoketsa that pays homage to motherhood outside of its traditional definitions. It is also a celebration of womanhood dismembered from the lens of imposed roles and social power dynamics. In Celebration of The Mother looks at the thought of motherhood being an act of effortless empathy, nurturing and the love we experience from the people who carry this title. It moves away from motherhood being defined by the physical act of giving birth or pregnancy, and rather it looks at motherhood as an all encompassing experience in the form of feminine structures, landscapes and bodies. Inspired by her maternal lineage, Seoketsa looks at how the women in her life have shaped the way she approaches the world, and how someone who is not related to her genetically can have the impact and role of a mother. In Celebration of The Mother therefore celebrates the wide spectrum of what motherhood means, as well as the beauty and warmth that come from maternal identities.