Amacici IV

Amacici IV

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Acrylic on canvas
A1 - 59.4 x 84.1 cm
Year 2020

Unique piece

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'Amacici' meaning 'Earrings' in isiXhosa is a painting and print series by Lesego Seoketsa. This series is inspired by the cultural process of adornment, focusing particularly on earrings. Earrings mostly require a piercing through the flesh, and this is a practice that was forbidden in Seoketsa's childhood. As an adult she is exploring adornment as something that is linked to self expression and identity.

Make-up is also included in the artworks to further display the difference methods of beautifying oneself. Some may argue that adornment is meaningless as it is not a true signifier of character, however, Seoketsa attempts to show that adornment is an expression of one's persona and a practice that bears significance.

Although character may not be judged by appearance; how one adorns themselves is an expression and an indicator of their interests. It is a visual language. Identity is a wide spectrum and adornment can be used as one of the things to communicate or construct one's self image.