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Muofhe Manavhela

Muofhe Manavhela, born 2000, Limpopo, is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Johannesburg.

Her vibrant work communicates the experience of a young black woman navigating the modern South African landscape. Inspired by artists like Lady Skollie and Andy Warhol, as well as her personal experience of a 21st century black womanhood, Muofhe depicts a more nuanced perspective of the daily experiences of black women.
The artist uses a variety of mediums mainly paint, printmaking and embroidery, to communicate themes of sexuality, youth, freedom, pleasure, and the domesticity of women. Her work is simultaneously fun and honest.

The young artist has a promising and growing stature having shown at her debut solo exhibit ‘12 seconds’ at Bubblegum Gallery, and group shows ‘Unusual Suspects’ at African Artists Foundation, ‘Mother of Mankind’ at ADA x HOFA, and ‘The Human Experience’ at Project Space Africa – her work finds home amongst different contexts.

‘My work is really centered around my personal experiences – I am a 21-year-old black woman who is really trying her best to nail this womanhood thing and within these weird complexities and nuances of it, I find that we haven’t really spoken enough about what it actually means to wake up as a black woman, do things as a black woman and then go to bed as a black woman. I use my work to help me navigate this intricate part of my growth and my work often shadows exact moments within my life'.

  • Midnight Confessions
    Muofhe Manavhela
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