Amacici | Earings - Limited Edition
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Amacici | Earings - Limited Edition

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Lesego Seoketsa, South Africa

Unframed, signed and numbered by the artist.

Tecco Textured Fine Art Paper 300gsm
60 x 40 cm

'Amacici' meaning 'Earrings' in isiXhosa is a painting and print series by Lesego Seoketsa. This series is inspired by the cultural process of adornment, focusing particularly on earrings. Earrings mostly require a piercing through the flesh, and this is a practice that was forbidden in Seoketsa's childhood. As an adult she is exploring adornment as something that is linked to self expression and identity.

Make-up is also included in the artworks to further display the difference methods of beautifying oneself. Some may argue that adornment is meaningless as it is not a true signifier of character, however, Seoketsa attempts to show that adornment is an expression of one's persona and a practice that bears significance.

Although character may not be judged by appearance; how one adorns themselves is an expression and an indicator of their interests. It is a visual language. Identity is a wide spectrum and adornment can be used as one of the things to communicate or construct one's self image. 


Artworks in a limited edition have a set number of prints available for each size offered. For the 60 X 40 cm size edition, "Amacici" comes in a limited edition of only 200 prints. Once all 200 of the prints in this edition size have sold out, there will be no other prints of "Amacici" available in the size of 60 X 40 cm. Limited edition prints of this artwork may be available in other sizes.

All limited edition prints are accompanied by a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

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