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Claire Idera

Claire Idera is a multidisciplinary artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. She creates delicate looking representations of a young woman who is constantly in a state of introspection. Her work centers around her personal journals from childhood to motherhood, portraiture, and ethereal aesthetics. Claire is a self-taught visual artist with a fashion and architectural background that forms her artistic process. She was nominated for The Future Awards Africa, Culture & Arts category (2016), she exhibited her at Rele Gallery (Group Exhibition, 2018 Lagos). After which she began developing her artistic narrative.

‘My paintings puncture the membrane between dream and reality, past and present, light, and dark, (permeating the ephemeral). A combination of romanticism and nostalgia. In my works I explore notions of self in both our physical, and spiritual dimensions, while focusing on creating delicate representations of the black woman, revealing her journey from youth to motherhood'.

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