1 | In studio with Sylvester Falata

  • 2 | In studio with Sylvester Falata

     "I don’t bleed on the canvas, because otherwise that’s the energy that emanates out into the world. I transmute the fear, the anger, etc. the canvas is a sacred space for me". 

    We are excited to share in studio with Sylvester Falata represented by Undiscovered Canvas. Sylvester is a well establshed fashion designer, whose work has graced magazine covers, runways, red carpets, cinema and tv screens in his home country South Africa and internationally. In 2020 Sylvester decided to show the world his visual artistic side, and Undiscovered Canvas was very proud of launch his debut series " Ama" and "Boxed"

    Here we chat about his new series titled " It takes a Village". We discuss the inspiration behind it, the women that influence him and guide him, and what he hopes his work will evoke in viewers.